All purchases are closed. Visit us in August to enroll for 2020. Longleaf is one of the few writing conferences open to the public; feel free to join us for any of our free events (author readings and signings at Sundog Books) or pay an individual a la carte price for any of our seminars, fundraisers listed below. There are two ways to pay for each item (and we will take checks if necessary); Paypal charges a fee, direct transfer to Centennial bank is free:

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Seminars occur daily and are led by our incredible faculty and visiting​ writers. Feel free to purchase now (your seat will be reserved) even though our schedule is currently being finalized. Interested in more than one seminar? Don’t miss out on our package deal below!


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Agent consults are great opportunities to launch inquiries into the business of book publishing and to pitch an idea of your own (no manuscripts please–the agent will let you know if they want pages).