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St. Joe Community Foundation supports our URG financial aid offerings and the Writers in the Classroom Program since 2022!
Patrons for our OleMiss Scholarships since 2014!
CAA has supported us since 2014!
Patrons for our UAB scholarships since 2019!
They’ve provided beach chairs and umbrellas and incredible service since 2013!
Celia Baker and intelliGRACS Group are responsible for the Veteran Scholarships since 2013!


Sundog has been a sponsor since 2013!
YOLO provides electric bikes and other gear offered since 2018!


Since 2019!
2023 Housing donors!

The Marsha Dowler Family of Seaside

2023 Workshop Accommodations!

Dr. Alexis Tibbetts

Great coffee, Great support of LWC since 2015!
Since 2019!

Friends and past donors

Sponsors 2021 and 2022!

Colorado School of Mines UHSP and McBride Honors Program

Lee Hall Realty

The Daniel Gingles Family and K&S in Alabama

Dave and Amy Moses

Megan Dailey

Olivia A. Tucker

Holly Handley

The D’Avignon Family

Nick’s Seafood Restaurant