-(February 25, 2019) LWC announces our fellows and scholars for our conference in May 2019!

-(August 1, 2018) LWC announces official dates for their conference in 2019! Join us May 11-18!


-[April 10, 2019] Faculty 2016 and Visiting Writer 2019, Rebecca Makkai is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize!

-[March 1, 2019]Our very own friend (Jennifer Steele) and Patron from the Cultural Arts Alliance is showcased in a local production of “Bad Dates” by Theresa Redeck. Check out her dates this month: Bad Dates

-[January 20, 2019] Rebecca Makkai (2019, 2016) has won the 2019 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction!

-[October 28, 2018] Brian Turner writes poetry and prose, but did you know he’s a musician? Check out his band, The Interplanetary Acoustic Team and this focus from NPR!

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