December 1, 2020. Update for our 2021 conference. We are pleased by the news of a vaccine for COVID and are planning to make decisions about 2021 in the early part of next year. In the meantime, if you want to support us, simply enroll or donate today–we will refund for any COVID-associated cancellations and as always will work to give plenty of advance notice to any changes–and of course, any conference changes (for instance: a movement to a shorter more SD-friendly venue, or a shift to remote) will be presented to enrolled writers with the option to cancel.

August 27, 2020. Applications for our Longleaf BIPOC Scholarship are open and FREE! Please let those emerging writer friends know, or apply today! Deadline is January15th, 2021, but apply today.

March 20, 2020. Dear Friends of Longleaf,
NOTICE OF CANCELLATION: we regret to inform you that due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to cancel the 2020 Longleaf Writers Conference. We likely don’t need to go into much in the way of explanation for this decision as we are all dealing with this crisis already in our everyday lives, but due to the recent closure of all Walton County beaches, there is just too much uncertainty for us to risk holding our conference this year. We sincerely will miss everyone, and please know that this decision was one of the most difficult we have ever faced as an organization and as individuals. PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR POSSIBLE VIRTUAL SEMINAR OPTIONS FOR OUR CONFERENCE AS WE WORK TO PROVIDE CRITICAL LITERARY SUSTENANCE FOR OUR LONGLEAF COMMUNITY FROM AFAR.
PLANS FOR 2021: our plan is to essentially retain the entire conference as it is today and carry it over into next year, which we have scheduled for May 10-17, 2021. We are working with our faculty, fellows, agents, and scholars to confirm their commitment to 2021 with the hope that we can maintain the exact same masthead for 2021 (and most have already replied that they are in for 2021!).
REGISTRATION FOR LONGLEAF 2021 IS OPEN! We hope that you will all let your friends know that we have opened registration for next year at the same early-bird price you all originally registered for. For those willing to have your registration fees credited directly to our 2021 conference, we thank you; it will help to ensure our existence over the next year and for the future. As a non-profit organization with a very small volunteer staff (Matt, Seth, Jonathan), we will be working as quickly and diligently as possible to ensure the satisfaction of every member of the Longleaf community.
If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at We are devastated that we can’t all join together in fellowship on the beach this May, but we are determined to make sure Longleaf will be back next year and the foreseeable future.
Longleaf Writers Conference Directors


-[July 25, 2020] Leona Sevick’s poetry collection, “Sting,” was a finalist for the New Millenium Poetry Prize.

-[February 8, 2020] Longleaf Fiction Fellow (2017) David James Poissant‘s new novel Lake Life is available for pre-order and will launch in the late Spring.

-[February 6, 2020] Celia Baker Veteran Scholar (2018) Benjamin Hertwig‘s debut poetry collection Slow War was a finalist for the Canada’s Governor General’s Award and received the poetry prize at the Alberta Book Awards.

-[February 6, 2020] Celia Baker Veteran Scholar (2019) Juanita Kirton‘s manuscript Letters to My Father has been picked up by Finishing Line Press.

-[February 6, 2020] Celia Baker Veteran Scholar (2016) Aaron Dylan Graham’s debut poetry collection Blood Stripes is available from Sundress Publications.

-[December 12, 2019] Friend of Longleaf Writers Conference (2019) Snowden Wright‘s novel American Pop was listed as an NPR Favorite Book of the Year.

-[November 12, 2019] Longleaf Fiction Fellow (2019) Gabriel Houck‘s fiction collection You or a Loved One was a finalist for the Phillip A. McMath Award.

-[August 10, 2019] Longleaf Fiction Fellow (2017) David James Poissant has announced that his forthcoming novel, LAKE LIFE, will be released in Summer 2020 by Simon and Schuster.

-[June 20, 2019] We are proud to announce that Agent Sarah Bedingfield has agreed to represent our good friend and multi-conference attendee, Solange Jazayeri! The two agreed to terms while together at Longleaf 2019. Solange has been with us for going on four years!

-[March 10, 2019] Erika Krouse (Longleaf Fiction Fellow, 2018) has signed a two book deal with FlatIron for SAVE ME and TELL ME EVERYTHING.


-[June 1, 2020] The Directors of the Longleaf Writers Conference, along with our Board and Donors, are proud to announce that we are now offering a BIPOC Scholarship for Emerging Writers/Poets for 2021! Free applications will open in August 2020.

-[February 10, 2020] Join us in welcoming our Fellows Anne Elliot (Fiction), Tanya Grae (Poetry), Jenny Molberg (Poetry), and Veteran scholar Nathaniel Blaesing (CNF)!

-[August 15, 2019] We have our faculty and visiting writers set for 2020! Welcome Jennifer Haigh and Rose McLarney and Adam Vines to our fold!

-[August 4, 2019] Kiese Laymon, Julianna Baggott, Ravi Howard, and Caitlin Horrocks have agreed to join us as faculty/visiting writers for 2020! Stay tuned for more faculty and agent and visiting writer news in September!

-[July 1, 2019] LWC announces our 2020 dates: we will see you on the beach May 9-16, 2020.

-[April 10, 2019] Faculty 2016 and Visiting Writer 2019, Rebecca Makkai is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize!

-[March 1, 2019]Our very own friend (Jennifer Steele) and Patron from the Cultural Arts Alliance is showcased in a local production of “Bad Dates” by Theresa Redeck. Check out her dates this month: Bad Dates

-[February 25, 2019] LWC announces our fellows and scholars for our conference in May 2019!

-[April 16, 2019] The Longleaf Writers Conference is featured in the Tallahassee Democrat.

-[January 20, 2019] Rebecca Makkai (2019, 2016) has won the 2019 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction!

-[October 28, 2018] Brian Turner writes poetry and prose, but did you know he’s a musician? Check out his band, The Interplanetary Acoustic Team and this focus from NPR!

-[August 1, 2018] LWC announces official dates for their conference in 2019! Join us May 11-18!

-[April 7, 2018] LWC featured in Emerald Coast Magazine!

-[February 2, 2018] LWC featured in SoWal Magazine.

-[February 2, 2018] WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE (formerly hosted through our partners, the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County!

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